Peg Neuhauser

Peg Neuhauser was introduced with a bunch of accomplishments, clients, and experiences on her rap sheet. She's doing a talk called "Tribal Warfare."

  • Tribes can be formal, like the elders, musicians or small group leaders.
  • Tribes that are informal are often more powerful and troublesome, such as tribes that want more traditional or more contemporary worship. Or those who love this session and others who are enduring it.
  • There are two parts to every conversation: The Transaction and the Relationship.
  • Every conversation requires one of these four things to happen to the relationship: Build, Maintain, Repair or Damage. If you aren't building, maintaining or repairing the are damaging the relationship.
  • There are certain fighting words. The only one she mentioned is "backordered." So, don't ever say again, "The message has been backordered."
  • I think the 3rd skill she talked about was listening, but I wasn't focused.
  • About 40 minutes in, she redeemed the talk by presenting four types of thinkers: Machine gun thinkers, Detail thinkers, Dreamers and Storytellers. This was expressed in four quadrants and deserves more study. I wish she would have started her talk her and camped on this.
Tim Stevens1 Comment