Most the World Doesn't Go To Your Church

It's not real profound, but it's true. Mark Beeson reminded our team of this during our weekly staff meeting yesterday. As we were sharing stories of what God is doing around the community, he said, "You know, most of the Christians in the world don't go to Granger."

That's true about your church as well. No matter how big, how cool, how hip your church is--most of Heaven will be filled with people who didn't know squat about your church.

Why is it that we tend to get stuck in our little church world and think we're something. We think that our team has the edge on innovation and creativity and most other churches are lame. We think that our people are better, our services are better, our ideas and marketing and small group systems are better.

God is at work in a lot of places. And some of them look nothing like your church. So every now and then take a chill pill and thank God that He is doing some pretty cool things in a variety of places.

Tim Stevens1 Comment