Interview with Bono

As everyone knows, Bono is the lead singer for U2 and an advocate for doing what he can about the AIDS epidemic. Hybels introduced Bono as an individual who understands influence as well as anyone. Some highlights from the taped interview...

  • The tape started with a concert clip of Bono singing, "Where the Streets Have No Names." It gave me goose-bumps.
  • In the past year, Bono was featured as the Time Person of the Year, he received two Grammy awards, and he spoke at the president's prayer breakfast.
  • The reason Bono is on video, and not live, is because of his priority on his family.
  • Quote: "I never had any problem with Christ, but Christians were a bit of a problem for me. They seemed a little bit disconnected from the culture...they seemed a little strange to me."
  • It's very difficult for humans to grasp grace. It's easier to understand atonement and revenge...grace is hard.
  • Music that communicates tension and a personal journey is missing in our churches.
  • Bono went to Ethiopia in 1985 to help starving orphans. This stayed dormant in with him for years, but by the end of the 90's he was ready to jump in.
  • He made a decision to use his celebrity status. He wondered, "Why is a rock star or movie star more important than a nurse or fireman or mother?" This isn't right...but he determined to use this currency to help others.
  • The church has historically always been behind the curve (civil rights, racism, apartheid, AIDS).
  • Just because something is happening over "there" and not over here, can you ignore it and not help? No, not if you are a Christian.
  • Bono is spending his time rallying people of all colors for the ONE campaign. He's getting it done.

Wow. Bono is a rock star. I am a pastor. And yet, I'm convinced he is more spiritual than I am.

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