God Moves in South Dakota?

I just returned from a great weekend at Celebrate Community Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Here are 10 things I love about this church...

  1. The lead pastor, Keith Loy, is on fire. He's fun to hang with, has tremendous vision, and has a great team. He also has a great wife and two beautiful little girls, Jordan and Jaden.
  2. Celebrate is growing like crazy. Two years ago they had 400 people. This weekend they had 934 in attendance.
  3. They are located in a small town in the midwest, just like Granger.
  4. They have a great staff. Brent Norgaard gave up a lucrative career to help lead. Cory Vinz leads their production team and does professional production on the side. Chris Fickel is their home-grown music guy who leads worship from a bass guitar - very cool. Bobby Rodriguez leads their small groups and is on fire!
  5. They have a huge vision -- to reach thousands in the Sioux Falls area.
  6. They have been through some tough times, but they didn't give up.
  7. They like me. (This really should be #1 on the list, but I didn't want to appear vain).
  8. They are bringing people to the Innovative Church Conference next month.
  9. They have a heart for their denomination and for helping struggling churches.
  10. They produce some really cool videos, and they plan to submit some to the Granger Film Festival.

So now I know it's true. God is still at work, even in South Dakota.

Tim StevensComment