Confusing Christianity and Politics

Mark Waltz started a great conversation on about the confusion in American churches between religion and politics. I encourage you to pop over to his blog and see if you agree.

One quote that I especially resonate with: For so many years, too many Christians - who are also Americans - have tended to read Scripture and work out their worldview through the lens of Westernized Americanism... even through right-wing, Republican, political agendas. I'm not railing on Republicans. I'm not slamming Democrats. This isn't about "Christian politics". That's the point. We've confused the lines between American politics and the message of Jesus.

He also went on to say: I don’t read anywhere that Jesus ever led any protests, marches or demonstrations on Rome. Seems to me that his public criticism was of religious leaders who painted God as a rule-pounding, people-breaking tyrant who was more interested in a religious system than a personal relationship.

Wow - great stuff. And Mark, thanks for starting the conversation.

Tim Stevens2 Comments