Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley is one of my favorite communicators. He leads North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. He gave a talk called "The Greatest Leadership Decision I Ever Made." Some quick highlights...

  • There isn't enough time to get everything done at work or do everything you need to do with your family.
  • Most of us tend to cheat towards our profession since it is measurable and tangible.
  • The best decision I ever made as a leader was to choose to cheat the church instead of cheating my family.
  • That meant going home at 4:30pm every day to be with my family when the kids were young.
  • We were never commanded to love the church. We (guys) were commanded to love our wives.
  • I think people who choose to love their church more than their families tend to have unhealthy churches and unhealthy families.
  • "Why do we tend to excuse our absence at home for our presence at our church?"
  • Choosing family over job has forced me to stay in my sweet spot.
  • Choosing family over job has made it very easy to say "no" to a bunch of other opportunities.
  • Choosing family over job has helped us build an organization with a sustainable pace.
  • Choosing family over job has helped us attract a healthy staff with a strong work ethic and intense loyalty.

Another homerun by Andy!

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