Why I'm Blogging

I had successfully resisted jumping on the blogging bandwagon until I read this post by Mark Batterson earlier this year. He actually posted it on February 11th--and that is the day when I made the decision to begin blogging. So many of his reasons hit home for me, and I began thinking, eventually believing, that I would be wrong not to blog. You've read all the reasons I had resisted blogging. Here are some of the top reasons I am beginning now:

  1. It's a stewardship issue. God has given me so much...He has taught me so much...I would be wrong not to pass along what I've learned that might be able to help others. Yes, I do that through workshops, books and emails--but blogging will open this up to many more. Because of the stewardship issue, I would be wrong not to blog.
  2. It's also a stewardship of time. Like Batterson said, "I can't disciple a thousand people one-on-one or face-to-face." I can't possibly answer all the questions or emails from other church leaders--and still keep integrity with my role and my family. Although blogging will take time...it will save much more.
  3. I love to write. My thoughts rarely come out verbally in an intelligible fashion unless they have first been written. As I write, I become a better communicator. Plus, I really believe that the written word has so much more impact, influence and staying power than the spoken word.
  4. I don't journal, but I should. Mark Batterson shared the verse from Jeremiah 31 that says, "Set up roadsigns, put up guideposts. Mark well the path by which you came." Blogging will give me a way to track the goodness of God and the journey that I have traveled.
  5. I think that blogging will make me a better leader. It will make me accountable. It will keep me humble. Just as preaching keeps the preacher always learning, I believe blogging will keep me on the learning edge of leadership.

And so, I enter the blogging world. I told some friends it feels kind of like putting on roller blades for the first time...I'm not even sure I know how to walk in the blogosphere. Be patient with me--I'm a fast learner.

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