Reasons I Haven't Blogged Until Now

Many of my friends have encouraged me to begin blogging over the past several months. I have resisted at every turn, and even said to some that I'd probably never blog. Here are some of the reasons that I haven't blogged up to this point:

  • Blogging seems to come with the unspoken requirement that you need to come up with something witty or really smart every day, seven days a week, all year long. I'm just not that witty or smart.
  • Blogging makes you vulnerable. I'm a quiet person. Many of my thoughts never leave my head. The nature of blogging (and my love for writing) means that more of my thoughts will emerge, and that is more than a little scary.
  • I read alot of blogs that seem to be more than a little self-centered. They seem to be for the purpose of filling the resume of the author. They are full of "I did this..." and "I'm a genius because I think this..." and "Look at how smart I am..." That's okay for them, but I'm not interested in that type of blog.
  • As I read some blogs, I can only guess that the author probably struggles with having a conversation with a real live person. The blogosphere is there opportunity to communicate without anyone challenging their thinking. I don't want to be in their company.
  • I read many blogs and think, "Who cares?" And furthermore, "Why does the person who wrote it think anyone cares?"
  • Bloggers are big targets. When you say stuff in the blogging world...others can shoot bullets and throw tomatoes. Sometimes it's nice just to stay in your little subdivision mowing your lawn without a target on your chest.
  • Blogging, by the nature of the internet, is not secure. I may have a target audience, but there are many other groups that will also be reading my words. The nature of my life role and my job role means that my words will be read differently by different groups of people. I can think of at least 5 groups of people: 1) Those who attend my church, 2) Those on my staff, 3) My wife and kids and extended family, 4) My closest friends,  5) Church leaders around the world, 6) Onlookers in the outside world. Knowing that what I say could be misinterpreted makes me nervous about blogging.
  • I am responsible for my words. I know most people put a disclaimer saying that they don't speak for their organization, but in reality we never take off our professional hats. What I say reflects on my family, my church, my God. I have fired people for what they have written in emails and on blogs. When it comes to my words on this blog, this is a responsibility I don't take lightly.

Even with all these reasons, I am ready to take the plunge. I'm hoping everyone will give me a little room to try, fail, and try again.

Tim Stevens4 Comments