Proud of My Peeps

Today I read a post by Sean that reminded me of some great leaders I work with. Sean is a youth guy from Kansas who recently visited Granger's website and talked about it.

He said, "...what I loved about their website was the media content where you could go in and listen to sermons, watch dramas and (my favorite) listen to songs and special music that they have done in the past. My personal favorite was a cover of Foo Fighter’s “Best of You”, which can be viewed on their website by clicking on the media section. "

Sean reminded me of two individuals on our team who really lead smart. Kem Meyer leads our web communications and Daryl McMullen is the #1 volunteer who does the real tweaking and enhancements. Along with AspireOne, they have taken smart leadership to a new level by filtering tons of information and designing a website that advances our mission. I'm proud to be on the team with them.

Tim StevensComment