I'm Not the Only One

I might think I'm unique, but a quick internet search shows that there are quite a few other Tim Stevens out there in the world. Did I miss my calling?

  • I could have been Tim Stevens, the attorney who helps the elderly.
  • Or Tim Stevens, a photographer from Philadelphia.
  • I bet this guy is a world of fun. He's a "Senior Lecturer in Marine & Coastal Ecosystem-Based Management" in the UK.
  • What about the Right Reverend Tim Stevens. He's a Bishop for the Anglican Church and looks pretty important.
  • This Tim Stevens is a lot smarter than me--he's a Senior Software Engineer.
  • Now this guy is something. He's a self-proclaimed "Vocalist, Entertainer, Writer, Arranger, and Producer." He even co-produced the "Tim Stevens' Got To Be Free" album.
  • And then there is the Tim Stevens who made $850,000 last year as Senior Vice President of Borland Software.
  • Evidently there are four different versions of me involved in show business, including an actor in The Temptations, and producer for the show Passions. Fascinating.

I think I'll stick with just being me. It may not be as interesting, but it's all I know.

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