A Top 10 List from Tony

I am deeply humbled to be the topic of Tony Morgan's blog tonight. In fact, I'm touched. I'm almost moved to tears. He is a well-known veteran in the blogging world, and when I travel with him I typically hold his umbrella  so he can sign autographs. So you see, this is a big deal.

Tony listed the "Top 10 Reasons" why he is glad that I began blogging. I was a little disappointed, however, in his research. I feel compelled to correct the record:

  • I wasn't born in Iowa.
  • I never knit wool scarves while I'm on company time.
  • I've never fired anyone for blogging. Only for what they've posted on their blog.
  • Tony stole the "snappy blubber" book title from me.
  • My mom doesn't overcook her broccoli.

In fact, Tony, I'd suggest you never talk that way about my mother again.

In all seriousness, thanks for the welcome. I'm honored to be your friend, ministry partner, hot tub buddy, and now, your blogging disciple.

Tim StevensComment