Pastoral Succession (Part 3): Three Types of Transitions

When a pastor is retiring or transitioning, and a successor is being considered--there are typically three common types of transition. Sometimes a church can strategically choose--other times the decision is thrust upon them and pre-determined outside the control of the leaders. But those transitions typically fall into one of these categories …

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Tim StevensComment
Pastoral Succession (Part 1): The Elephant in the Room

Succession is the elephant in the room of every church with a pastor that is in their mid-50’s or older. The pastor doesn’t want to bring it up too soon, because he or she fears that the just mentioning the word will bring it on faster than they would like. And the Board or Elders don’t want to bring it up, because they don’t want to give any indication they are trying to push the pastor out.

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Two Types of Leadership Culture

Life is too short to spend any more time working in an environment where only one brain is required. I decided a few years ago I would finish my career working on collaborative teams, where voices are heard and encouraged, where ideas are welcome, where the unique gifting of each team member is valued and developed.

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