Trappings for Pastors

Imagine a job where scores, sometimes hundreds, even thousands of people come to hear you talk. They sit quietly in rows, and for the most part no one says a word while you share your wisdom. For 20 or 30 or even 45 minutes, no one speaks over you, no one asks questions, no one challenges you—it is your stage and the spotlight is on.

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7 Signs of an Unhealthy Boss

I’ve had some great bosses. I’ve also had some really unhealthy bosses. If you work for the same person very long, you’ll find sometimes they are very healthy, and other seasons when they are stressed and unhealthy. I’m sure the same could be said of me.

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Slowing Down

Nearly every day, I’m getting on airplanes and driving through rush-hour traffic. I don’t see my neighbors much. Sometimes the pace is relentless. Sometimes I wish for the quiet.

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